30mL Recyclable Paper Pill / Medicine Cup

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Haines® Paper Pill Cups avoid cross-contamination and provide easy distribution of medication. They are an environmentally-friendly and cost effective alternative to plastic pill cups for placing medicine in to assist swallowing medication.

The result of a test conducted under AS/NZS 1301-451rp:2007 determined that Haines® Paper Pill Cups are made from 100% natural wood fibre and are, therefore, naturally biodegradable.


  • Biodegradable & recyclable
  • Ideal for use in doctor clinics, dental centres, hospitals and aged care facilities
  • Pleats for extra strength
  • Suitable for one-off use when dispensing pills
  • Suitable to be disposed of in macerator
  • 5000 cups packed in 20 inner sleeves of 250 cups