Press-In Bottle Adapters

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Press-in bottle adapters allow for increased dosing accuracy and fit securely in any bottle with the appropriate size opening. The Press-in Bottle Adapters allow a user to easily draw liquid with an oral dispenser, ensuring accurate dosing while avoiding spills. The adapters fit flush with the bottle opening so that the original cap can be placed on the bottle. Bottle and syringe not included. Ideal for pharmacy, compounding pharmacies, aged care facilities, community group homes, hospitals, veterinary clinics & home use for customers.

Which press-in adapter will fit my bottle?

Find your outer thread diameter or inner neck diameter below

Adapter Stock Code

Outer Thread Diameter

Inner Neck Diameter

20 mm

15 mm


24 mm

19 mm


28 mm

22.5 mm


33 mm

24 mm - 28 mm